Information on Use

About this site

This site is where you can pre-order the duty-free goods sold at Fa-So-La shops. Anyone can use this site if they are a passenger departing overseas from Narita Airport.
On the day that you depart, you can go to the stores inside the duty-free shopping area at Narita Airport and pick up the goods you have pre-ordered.(The places where you pick up your goods may differ, depending on what items you pre-ordered.) We are at your disposal with a wide range of goods that are sure to satisfy.

Duty-free goods are exempt from duties and other taxes, on the assumption that they will be taken out of Japan after purchase. You can only buy them just before your departure. A condition for duty-free shopping is that you visit a duty-free shop before your departure overseas and do your shopping there.

The scope of duty-free categories will differ, from one country to the next. Even if you have bought something duty-free, please be aware that you may be charged for local duties if it falls outside the duty-free categories in the country you are taking it to.

You can't shop for duty-free goods via mail order, nor can you have your duty-free purchases mailed or couriered to your home.
Please understand this important point. Also, when making your purchase, please be aware that duty-free prices or specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Recommended Browsers

We recommend the following browsers for viewing this site. If you are unable to complete your order, please send it to as we do accept orders by email.

  • Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer, Ver 9.0 or later
  • Mac Safari, latest version
  • Google Chrome, latest version (Windows, Mac)
  • Firefox, latest version (Windows, Mac)
  • iOS7 or later
  • Android 4 or later (except devices updated from Ver 2.3)

How to use this site to your advantage

If you pre-order goods using this site, you'll be able to enjoy more convenient shopping at our duty-free stores.

1. On the day of your departure, we'll put all the duty-free goods that you pre-ordered into a shopping bag, and be ready and waiting for you.

Please order your goods on the pre-ordering site no later than 12:00 (noon) 2 days before the date of your departure.
On the day of your departure, by the time you arrival at the airport to start your journey, your goods will waiting for you.
Please be aware that collection points may differ, depending on the items.

2. It doesn't matter if the person traveling overseas is not the person (you) who has pre-ordered the items.

If a family member or your friend is the one traveling overseas, then even if you are not leaving the country, that family member or friend can take the goods you pre-ordered with them, on your behalf.
For example, when dad decides to take a business trip overseas, mum can pre-order the cosmetics she wants as a souvenir. Then, on the day of his departure, dad can pick up mum's order from the duty-free shop at the airport, nicely and smoothly.

3. Relax and enjoy your time before you board your flight.

If you use the Fa-So-La pre-ordering site, the goods that you pre-order will be ready to collect at our shops on your day of departure.
You will be able to relax with all the time you have saved before your departure, and really enjoy shopping.

4. You can also use the site to get those items that are unavailable at the terminal you will be departing from.

Even if the items that you want are not available at the terminal you will be departing from, you can still obtain them via our pre-ordering site.

Required information when pre-ordering

・ The name of the passenger
(A person may pre-order goods via the site, even if they are not the passenger.)
・ E-mail address
・ Current residential address
・ Nationality
・ Telephone number
・ Date of departurev ・ Terminal and airline to be used
・ Flight name
・ Destination

Period of acceptance of pre-orders

You can pre-order up to a month before the departure date until 12:00 (noon) 2 days before the date of departure.

Example of a deadline date for pre-ordering
Fig days en

Pre-ordering procedure

The flow for picking up your pre-ordered items is as follows.
* If you want to make any item cancellations or changes after you have completed your pre-order, you will have to let us know via e-mail or by phone.

  1. STEP 1

    After you complete your pre-order, we will e-mail a confirmation message to the e-mail address that you provided during your pre-order.
    * At this point, this does not mean that your order has been finalized.

    When we finalize the order, we will send a pre-order completion to the e-mail address that you have provided. At this point, your order has been finalized.

  2. STEP 2

    Please bring a printout of your pre-order completion e-mail with you to the airport on the day of your departure.
    * If you cannot print out the e-mail, please bring a note containing your pre-ordering ID.

  3. STEP 3

    On the day of your departure, please come to the Fa-So-La SHOPS store where your pre-ordered goods will be waiting for you, to collect and pay for. Your order will be waiting.
    * Collection points may differ, depending on what items you pre-ordered.
    * You may ONLY pick up your pre-ordered items when you depart. Please be aware that you CANNOT have them couriered or posted to your home prior to your departure NOR can you pick them up when you return to Japan.

    If you do not come to the collection point on your day of departure to pick up your pre-ordered items, your order will be automatically canceled.

    Passengers departing from Terminal 1
    Picking up cosmetics, perfumes, liquor, and tobacco
    Picking up food and electrical
    Passengers departing from Terminal 2
    Picking up cosmetics and perfumes
    Fa-So-La DUTY FREE Cosmetics & Perfumery gate shop(next to the Sakura Lounge)
    Picking up liquor and tobacco
    Fa-So-La DUTY FREE Liquor & Tobacco gate shop(next to the Sakura Lounge)
    Picking up food and electrical appliances

    * In Terminal 2 there are 2 Fa-So-La DUTY FREE Cosmetics & Perfumery shops and 2 Fa-So-La DUTY FREE Liquor & Tobacco shops.
    Please be sure to pick up your items from the shop near Gate 60 (next to the Sakura Lounge).
    (After passport control, please walk in the direction of Gate 60.)

    Passengers departing from Terminal 3
    Picking up cosmetics, perfumes, liquor and tobacco
    Picking up food and electrical appliances

    * Items limited to a specific terminal
    Some of the goods handled by duty-free pre-ordering site are only available in specific terminals or specific stores.
    Please check the pre-order completion e-mail for information about the collection points.