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Miyagi, the home of sake, is a prominent area in the production of rice. The sake from Ichinokura uses rice, the main ingredient in sake, almost exclusively from Miyagi. To give their sake its special flavor they are so fixated as to go so far as to distinguish between over 10 kinds of rice. Besides their fastidiousness about rice, the sake is prepared with groundwater from the Matsuzawa hill country and so water is also expressed in the design. On the back is printed the Maruniine, a circle surrounding a rice plant which is the symbol of Ichinokura. It is a shirt that represents brewers.
The seasons that pass through various lands, clear water and ripe grain, the skill to put all of these blessings to use are found at Japanese sake breweries. Japanese sake brewing is a culture that should be passed on.
We deeply respect the brewers who continue to brew sake, each one with its own unique scent and flavor, no two are the same. We have decorated a T-shirt whose label contains their feelings. This T-shirt design is leading edge in Japan in that it is made with Kume fibers which, as much as possible, are made while limiting the amount of C02 produced. This is done by using power produced by green electricity generation. It was sewn and printed with great care.

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