Tachikichi (Small Bowl)

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  As the seasons change, the colors and appearance of Kyoto do so as well. This has been put into these tiny bowls. They have gala, sweet traditional colors, charming soft shapes and you can enjoy them sitting delicately in the palm of your hand. Use them for spices or just to enjoy a little bit of something sweet. They are painted in scarlet with plover birds and linked dango as found on paper lanterns in geisha quarters. The red color is like that found on the cherry blossoms of Maruyama and the Shirakawa River of Gion. The lilac is like that of the hairpins used by apprentice geisha. The russet is like the plums beloved by the nobility and found on court carriages. The pale blue green is found on the wings of ducks on the Kamo River. The light green comes from the mountains of the Kyoto Gozan.

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