HOKUSAI Project "Sanka Hakuu" XL

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 As the surface of Mount Fuji changes from red to jet black it is also called Black Fuji and that is depicted in Rainstorm Beneath the Summit on this shirt. From the rainstorm, that is to say a sudden shower, lightening shoots dazzlingly out, and at this moment Mount Fuji shows its face out of a dark cloud, soaring over the hectic world below as if to show unconcern. This one picture captures the contrast between the peak and base of Mt Fuji. Its majesty was drawn by Hokusai and we have put that on the back. A lightning bolt streaks across the chest.
Hokusai lived in the town of Edo.
In that place there existed a recycling society in which people realized the value of things. Works born from that place overflowed with affection for the nature of Japan and the lives of its common people. We have learned from the lifestyle in that Edo and from Hokusai. Sending our feelings to a future Japan, we put our hearts into making items that are devised not to waste resources and that can be used lovingly for a long time. Our business was established in Sumida and we are the leaders in Japan in using Kume fibers to sew T-shirts. It has been made, as much as possible, limiting the amount of CO2 produced and with power produced by green electricity generation methods. It was sewn and printed by experienced Japanese craftsmen with meticulous attention. In the hope that it will become special to our customers we have put our hearts into each stitch and each printing.

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