KURAJIRUSHI "Kikuhime" T-Shirt S

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 Said to be the number one sake brand in Japan, Kaga no Kikushu sake brewers diligently preserve the cool pure water of sacred Hakuzan, over the land where they live. The characters Kikuhime represent the knowledge that this tradition has been passed down to the present.
The antecedent to the Kikuhime Limited Partnership Company was the Yanagi Main Sake Brewery and those characters have been placed in line with those of Kikuhime. This item expresses that the breweries have continuously passed down their tradition and their intention to do so into the future.
The seasons that pass through various lands, clear water and ripe grain, the skill to put all of these blessings to use are found at Japanese sake breweries. Japanese sake brewing is a culture that should be passed on.
We deeply respect the brewers who continue to brew sake, each one with its own unique scent and flavor, no two are the same. We have decorated a T-shirt whose label contains their feelings. This T-shirt design is leading edge in Japan in that it is made with Kume fibers which, as much as possible, are made while limiting the amount of C02 produced. This is done by using electricity produced by green electricity generation methods. It was sewn and printed with great care.

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