ADDICTIONAddiction Tinted Skin Protector

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Addiction Tinted Skin Protector
  • 5524200009
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5524200008, 5524200009, 5524200010, 5524200011

Really protects your skin with its SPF50+/PA+++ high UV light blocking effect.

A foundation that is a sunscreen that leaves your skin with a fresh luster.

A foundation that has all the functions of a sunscreen, primer and foundation. Does all in one simple application. With a covering effect that utilizes your bare skin, and a high protective effect, it protects your skin from UV light and dryness, to draw out the natural beauty of your bare skin.

Its semi-transparent film, like layers of ground glass, naturally cover your skin , pronounced pores and other unevenness, as well as variations in skin color. Comfortable to apply, and creates a fresh finish with a natural gloss. Excellent makeup lasting quality, and maintains a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

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