RumBacardi Carta Blanca 1000ml

バカルディ スーペリオール 1L (ラム)
  • Bacardi carta blanca
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In 1862, Don Facundo set out to create a light and delicate rum that could be just as easily sipped neat or mixed with cold spring water (ice being a real luxury in 1860s Cuba). He created a young blend of rums designed to be delicately flavoured with citrus, fruity and floral notes. However, he discovered that after resting his rum bases in lightly charred American white oak barrels to develop smoothness, they also developed an overpowering wood note. It was the specific charcoal that he selected to remove this particular flavour that removed the light golden colour of his rum. The result became known as BACARDI Superior Rum and is today the world’s favourite rum. BACARDI Superior Rum is a complex rum with lots of delicate yet distinct flavours. It has a dry, crisp and very clean (with a slightly sweet) finish. Key flavour notes include: lime, apricot, rose, violet, almond, ripe banana and light woody vanilla. It is this light and well balanced flavour profile with no single dominating flavour note that makes BACARDI Superior Rum the ultimate mixing spirit. Its flavour perfectly complements other light flavours rather than dominating or disappearing in them and it is this ability that inspired cocktail pioneers to create the clean, crisp, and refreshing cocktails that we know and love today.

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