GinBombay Sapphire

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Created from a secret 1761 recipe, BOMBAY SAPP HIRE is a peerless, versatile spirit carefully crafted to create a complex, layered taste. Ten exotic botanicals are handselected from around the world to ensure their superior quality. Then their natural flavours are captured in a delicate distillation process called Vapour Infusion, where the spirit vapour passes through the ten botanicals becoming infused with their aromas and flavours. This delicate, artisanal process creates a tantalising, smooth and complex taste. The incomparable taste and contemporary design of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE combine to set it apart from other gins, making it the choice of top bartenders in countless classic and contemporary cocktails. In particular, this care and expertise combines to give BOMBAY SAPPHIRE a distinctive taste which perfectly complements the zesty lemon in the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Collins cocktail. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is the quintessential choice for uplifting and refreshing drinks.

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