COSME DECORTECellgenie Lipid Oil Mask 130g

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Gives dull, aging skin a youthful glow

A massage mask that gives you resilient, glowing skin

In only 5 minutes, this concentrated oil mask restores the glow of skin that has hardened with age It massages and tightens sagging skin and restores its health.

It brings together rose hip oil and an abundant variety of other plant-based treatment oils.

It flows on smoothly with its rich texture, loosening inflexible skin, and making it full and resilient.

Applying the concentrated oil even revitalizes your mood.

After application, it splits into two layers of oil.

The lower layer of oil is quickly absorbed to loosen the skin and improve its texture, making it resilient.

The upper layer of oil releases its beautifying ingredients on the skin, changing the base to form a soft gel covering.

It seals the skin, giving it a brilliant glow and making it full and resilient.

Its delicate floral fragrance includes hints of peony and wisteria, overlaid with herbal fragrances for a fresh scent bouquet.


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