COSME DECORTECellgenie Facial Wash 125g

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Removes the causes of dullness and discoloration

A facial cleanser that gives you resilient, clear, youthful skin

As you grow older, you skin is exposed to environmental stress

A facial wash that brings out the soft texture of your natural skin

It washes a soft yet firm texture into your skin.

It contains amino acid cleansing ingredients that control loss of moisture without damaging sensitive skin and generous amounts of biological analog ingredients and phosphatides.

Leaves your face clear and smooth after washing.

It quickly lathers up into a concentrated foam.

It removes the skin surface oil and dirt that cause dullness and discoloration and washes your face gently with a concentrated but non-abrasive foam.

It removes excess oil and dirt to improve the absorption of the next application of make-up

Each time you wash, it improves your skin’s texture, making your face more beautiful.

Its delicate floral fragrance includes hints of peony and wisteria, overlaid with herbal fragrances for a fresh scent bouquet.


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