COSME DECORTECellgenie Lotion 200ml

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Works instantly and firms up sagging skin

A high-functioning lotion that firms up your skin and improves its resilience.

A high-functioning lotion that improves your skin’s resilience

Skin so firm and moist to the touch.

A high concentration of andrographis extract in a cell delivery capsule

Contains lipid multi-vector capsules of a variety of emollient ingredients

It works through each layer from the keratin layer on out, even on aging skin, which tends to lose moisture.

It replenishes the moisture in the keratin layer and makes your skin firm and plump.

It feels like soft water and permeates your skin quickly and thoroughly.

Once it is absorbed, your skin will feel as if have applied a fine lotion.

Its delicate floral fragrance includes hints of peony and wisteria, overlaid with herbal fragrances for a fresh scent bouquet.


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