COSME DECORTECellgenie Lotion White ER 200ml

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The moisturizing effect can be seen instantly. A lightening lotion that brings out the glow in your skin

A lightening lotion that increases your skin’s clarity Brightness that emerges across your whole face, skin with abundant moisture

Made from a combination of alder extract, used in Japan as a moisturizer since ancient times, and moisturizing inula extract, long used in China, Illuminate AI Complex brings you beautiful skin and keeps its under layers healthy. Kojic acid, a natural lightening agent, works on the melanocytes, suppressing the action of the enzyme tyrosinase, which acts as an “on” switch for melanin production. This prevents the production of excess melanin and prevents blemishes and freckles.

It contains neo-hybrid capsules composed of natural Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and phosphatides. These capsules, with superior permeation and retention, moisturize the skin and make it receptive to further attention.

Lotion ingredients such as dang shen extract, theanine, and Wolfiporia improve the circulation of moisture and carry the cosmetic ingredients into the skin’s deeper layers.

With a texture like soft water, it quickly permeates every part of your skin. Once it has permeated your skin, you end up with a firmness and moisture that is irresistible to touch.

A fragrance with basic tones of fresh herbal and floral scents blended to clarify and brace your skin, and accents of bergamot and muguet to evoke gentle freshness.

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