Sake/Other Dewazakura Dai Ginjo 720ml

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Large grained Yamada Nishiki rice when imeticulously polished reaches a high shimpaku manifestation rate and is the supreme rice for fermentation. Dewazakura is a brewers' rice producing region in Japan which purchases Yamada Nishiki rice from Hyogo Prefecture. Dewazakura polishes rice in-house. To eliminate quality gaps, brown rice is mechanically processed to weed out immature and broken grains. The rice is then polished for 70 hours. Dewazakura's Dai Ginjo is created by a careful process spanning raw material processing, malt starters, yeast starters and fermentation. After the alcohol is extracted, it is matured at minus five degrees for a year before shipping. This gives it a deep fragrance and full, rounded taste.

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