MarlboroMarlboro W-BURST 5 BOX

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Tar: 5mg, Nicotine: 0.4mg

Marlboro Ice Blast, the most popular extra-strength menthol brand, has been upgraded with double-capsule menthol.
New! Marlboro Double Burst, a revolutionary concept in smoking, which lets you customize your experience.

The first double capsule in smoking history for full flavor
(Spearmint capsule: a refreshing mint taste spreads through you when you crush it) (Menthol capsule: with a higher level of menthol for a purer, cleaner taste)

Until now, it has been impossible to enjoy either capsule separately, but now you have new ways to enjoy your cigarette.

You can choose any of four ways, depending on your mood.
(1) Moistening neither of the capsules
(2) Moistening only the spearmint capsule
(3) Moistening only the menthol capsule
(4) Moistening both capsules for the strongest possible menthol experience

*Sales and orders of all brands of tobacco products are limited to 10 cartons per person.

Note regarding this product.
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