shu uemuraShu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow Refill

  • 5503661032
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5503661032, 5503661045, 5503661049, 5503661054, 5503661055, 5503661065, 5503661066, 5503661214, 5503661223, 5503661224, 5503661787, 5503661788, 5503661789, 5503661790, 5503661791

A beautifully colored eyeshadow that flows thinly over your eyelids. Achieve the blend, gradation and smudging just the way you like it. Five textures wider your range of makeup expression. Contains mineral compound.

・ Matte (M): A matte version, with a smooth, even feel, like velvet, with a beautiful color.
・Pearl (P): A pearl type that reflects light and gives a pearl-like glow.
・Iridescent (IR): A polarizing pearl type that delicately changes the color of the reflecting light, depending on the angle.
・Metallic (ME): Covers like a liquid, capturing the light and giving a metallic sparkle.
・ Clear

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