THREEShimmering Lip Jam

シマリング リップジャム
  • 2016ss 1222 product 03
duty-free price ¥2,520
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5524070478, 5524070479, 5524070481, 5524070302, 5524070304, 5524070305, 5524070270, 5524070273, 5524070349, 5524070350, 5524070351, 5524070353

The formulation exclusive to Lip Jam adds previously unseen dimension to the lips and brings fresh dewiness. The contours of the lips are beautifully maintained even after hours of wear. The juicy texture is just like rich jam made by cooking down fruit juice. his lip item creates a new sensation, with vibrant shades that bring solid expressions to the face and a light translucence.

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